EcoBear Technology Corp. - Enable your IoT System

The Internet of Things brings future world. It also brings great potentials. 

With rich system design experience, we can help you:

  • Rapidly prove your innovative concept of business.
  • Develop IoT product and service from 0 to 1. 
  • Manage a domain specific SaaS for you.

Our technology includes sensor fusion,  control algorithm, data analysis, and sustainable services.

Application Domain powered by Our Services



IoT Enabler Engineering

  • Concept Builder of system operation
  • System Design
  • User Experience
  • Industrial Design
  • Mechanical Design
  • HMI design
  • Software and Firmware
  • Integration for mass production

Sensor Fusion and Smart Control

  • Sensor signal processing
  • Product optimization for cost and application usability
  • Handling data uncertainty 
  • Large scope sensor management
  • Calibration
  • Edge Computing & Control 

IoT Service Enabler

  • Data manipulation
  • Visualization
  • Notification Service
  • Admin dashboard
  • Fusion & Integration for edge computing and customer service