EcoBear Technology Corp. - Enable your IoT System

The Internet of Things technology can grow your business landscape to a great future.  We work with you to discuss and design new products to meet new business model needs. 

Our service starts from application domain research for specifications, system implementation,  industrial design, man-machine interface design, software and hardware optimization, cloud construction, data analysis algorithms, to deployment and continuous maintenance.


Domain Research

Through communication with you and field research, we work with you to explore your demand on new product and service model. Clear define the specification of new product and service. Combine our IoT sensing control technology to plan a viable and pragmatic architecture.


Quick verification

Market demand is uncertain during early stage. We can help you build a workable prototype using limited cost in a very short period. You can quickly showcase your assessments to customers, further explore the actual needs, and the value and business model you are creating.


Product Definition

After having specific requirements projects, we further implement product planning together considering the cost effectiveness. 

These include consideration of   industrial design, usability, software and hardware feasibility and reliability, and after service model.



At this stage, we will design the software and hardware seamlessly.  Solid verify the system performance to  ensure the success of mass production.


Sustainable Service

As you launch your product and service in the market, there will be continuous upgrading and improvement requirements. We can continue to provide you with relevant technical maintenance, allowing you to focus on business activities while supported by a strong technical team.